About your last editsعدل

Hello AVSmalnad77. It seems that you are new to arywiki, and don't master the language nor the policies of this project. Well, with regards to your last edits, please before proceeding with such mass edits do reach out to community here and discuss them. Best --Reda benkhadra (نقاش) 11:16، 2 دجنبر 2020 (+01)

Thanks for the message @Reda benkhadra:. Yes I am new here, but am experienced in other language Wikipedias. Sorry if my edits came across as disruptive. I often visit smaller language Wikipedias to do maintenance work. Mainly I sort stubs and fix the lint errors since knowing HTML is enough for this. I avoid anything that needs good knowledge of the language for editing
Regarding my edits today, I mostly fixed the unclosed paragraph tag errors like this. A common pattern I observed is that editors here open a "p" tag for adding caption to image, but do not close it. This had thrown errors in about hundred pages. I have fixed most of them now

--AVSmalnad77 (نقاش) 11:43، 2 دجنبر 2020 (+01)